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Managing ESG

Stakeholder Engagement

Key internal and external stakeholder groups inform our prioritization and approach to ESG topics. Our primary stakeholders include:


We serve a diverse global customer base, including industrial gas distributors, manufacturers across an array of industries, engineering firms, metal fabrication shops, wholesalers, retailers, educational institutions, and students. We engage customers through one-on-one discussions, joint development projects, our global network of forty-one (41) Application Resource Center locations, industry trade shows, surveys, seminars, and various media and social media channels.

Investment Community

We maintain active dialogue with our shareholders, analysts, and prospective investors through an investor relations program that includes regular financial filings, meetings (equity and ESG-focused), conferences, non-deal roadshows, an annual shareholder meeting, tradeshow tours, periodic surveys, and investor relations, and sustainability websites. Our General Counsel, VP Investor Relations, and VP Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability conduct annual briefings with our largest shareholders on ESG topics.


We engage with suppliers during the supplier development process and at conferences and associations. We work together to ensure ethical, safe, sustainable practices and compliance in our supply chain.


Our employees represent the foundation of our great Company and our future success. We engage employees through regular meetings, intranet platforms, employee engagement surveys, employee resource groups, health and safety communications and initiatives, training and development, employee wellness and assistance programs, and an ethics hotline.


We are active members in the communities where we live and work. We participate in community meetings and local business associations; host plant visits; provide grants to nonprofit organizations; and donate resources and time through in-kind gifts, employee volunteerism, and nonprofit Board service.

Industry Associations & Officials

We actively engage with industry and trade associations, academic and research partners, and with government agencies to participate in initiatives to advance innovation and safety in our industry, contribute to evolving codes and standards, as well as benefit from in-depth reviews of emerging issues and opportunities, shifts in industry-specific trends, technologies, and regulations.