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Customer Focused

Enhance our value proposition and ease of doing business with us by leveraging our CRM system and investments in industry-segment market facing teams, product portfolios and weld tech centers.

The rapidly growing markets of energy and infrastructure represent a valuable opportunity to collaborate with the broader industry to address global issues like climate change. Our 41 global Application Resource Center (ARC) locations (Eisenberg, Germany shown below) ensure Lincoln Electric is aligned with the evolving technology and fabrication needs of each end market and can be their “partner of choice” to help them achieve their sustainability goals


Located in Eisenberg (Germany)
  • 1,208 m2 of weldtech area
  • 700 m2 for training, meetings and offices
  • High efficiency Sub Arc Welding Solutions
  • The new dimension in Strip Cladding
  • Flexible Automation
  • Complete cutting solutions: Plasma machine, cutting system, software
  • Virtual reality training with Real Weld / VRTEX

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Sustainable Welding Solutions By Industry

Automotive / Transportation


Lincoln Electric’s 150 kilowatt DC fast charging system, scheduled for introduction in 2023, is based on Lincoln’s own designed 50kW charging modules, and has a single charge port pedestal compatible with CCS-1 vehicles. Engineered to be highly durable and reliable across a range of harsh outdoor operation conditions, the equipment addresses current issues of existing chargers which become nonfunctional over time.

Precision Power Laser™

Our recent acquisition of Fori Automation further enhances our position as a provider of innovative welding technology, and a complete turnkey system integrator in the EV industry capable of providing production line support. In addition, our automated Precision Power Laser™ Solution offers industry-leading fabrication of EV battery trays.


In 2022, one of the largest new offshore wind factory owners located in the Asia-Pacific region (S. Korea) utilized the expertise of the staff and facilities of 4 different ARC sites, located in Asia and Europe. The company worked with our experts to optimize welding productivity and help overcome a variety of fabrication challenges.

LNG Storage

Lincoln Electric’s welding solutions cover all consumable and process types used for the construction of 9% nickel alloy steel very low temperature LNG storage tanks. Additionally, Lincoln’s controlled ferrite product line provides the needed ductility and toughness in low temperature applications of stainless steel pipework. Thanks to our strong technical and R&D expertise in this particular sector, we have been constantly improving and enhancing product performance and properties to meet the latest industry needs, notably for larger storage tanks.