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Develop solutions that improve customers' ability to make their products better, safer, and easier. Key initiatives include accelerating growth in automated solutions and additive services, enhanced software (IoT and AI), and designing greater efficiency and sustainability into new products.

125+ Years of Market-leading solutions

Broadest Portfolio of Solutions in the Industry1

  1. Diagram does not represent net sales mix by product area
...our Vitality Index of sales from new products launched in the last five years to 37% as compared with 33% in 2021.


Lincoln Electric's extensive automation range offers productivity solutions across all industrial segments allowing companies to adapt to the ever changing needs of the market environments. We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve energy efficiency and advance environmental stewardship in the automated solutions that we provide our customers.

Welding Cobots

Cooper welding cobots are automated welding solutions built to work safely alongside people. With the easy-to-use Cooper App, users can program welds quickly and consistently.

Mechanized Welding

Mechanized automation equipment includes seam tracking, welding positioners, manipulators, jaw chucks, motorized slides, manual slides, pipe support stands, turning & idle rolls, and accessories for various applications.

Robotic Welding

Robotic arc welding equipment and automated welding systems help you decrease manufacturing costs, increase weld quality, improve welding productivity and enhance your working environment.

Automated Cutting

Automated CNC cutting solutions that encompasses every cutting application including plasma cutting and motional control, tube and automated pipe cutting, structural steel cutting and more.

Robotic Grinding

The OmniClean robotic grinding systems are pre-engineered systems that help improve weld grind consistency and efficiency in various applications.

Robotic Laser Systems

The Laser-Pak family of robotic laser systems includes standard and customized solutions ideal for laser welding, cladding, feature building, joining, brazing and additive manufacturing applications.


Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions gives your business a big advantage over castings, forgings and other traditional manufacturing processes with the fast delivery of new and replacement parts and tooling.

With the largest 3D metal printing capacity in North America, we can expedite production for large industrial parts for your application and industry.


We are focused on advancing sustainability in our customers' operations and designing solutions to support de-carbonization across the end markets we serve. Our product stewardship initiatives focus on improving the design, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation of our products to improve customer safety, increase recyclability, and reduce our products' overall carbon footprint.

Our chemical information system (CIS) is a key enabler of our global compliance strategy. For consumable products, the information in our CIS—which includes hazardous product ingredients and potential fume constituents—is incorporated into product compliance specifications and outlined in Globally Harmonized System Safety Data Sheets (GHS SOS), label templates, and safe use guidelines. Search for Welding Safety Data Sheets (

We comply with the European Union's (EU) Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations. Where required and relevant, consumable substances and mixtures manufactured in and imported into the EU by Lincoln Electric have been registered in the EU. Similarly, our electrical and electronic equipment complies with applicable global regulatory requirements, such as the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) Directive.


For welders looking to level up, Lincoln Electric's Cooper "Cobot" (collaborative robot) solutions feature industry leading ease-of-programming, are intuitive to use, and are designed for an operator with any level of robotics experience. Workers can quickly learn how to run a cobot welding unit using tablet-based teaching pendants, allowing for "teaching at the torch", and all but eliminating the learning curve for workers and manufacturers

A new transistor was designed to replace the conventional IGBT in our Powertecâ„¢ i500s Welding Machines. The new transistor uses silicon carbide (SiC) technology to make the machine lighter, less expensive, and more efficient.

The POWER MIG 211i is designed with multiple lift points and highly efficient inverter technology which reduces weight while maximizing power, ensuring more efficient operation. At 41 pounds, this machine can go anywhere and handle any job.

The POWER MIG 211i MIG welder is provided with a MAGNUM® PRO 100L welding gun with an overmolded handle design that offers key benefits to the operator, including:

  • Increased Comfort
  • Enhanced Grip
  • Reduced Hand Fatigue
  • Improved Control
Reducing Training Time With Virtual Reality

VRTEX® 360 Compact, a new smaller model, reduces the footprint needed for VR training while offering the same powerful software and benefits as other VRTEX® training models.