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... John C. Lincoln
Co-Founder & Chairman 1895 to 1929
... James F. Lincoln
Co-Founder & Chairman 1929 to 1965

At Lincoln Electric, we operate to a higher standard to build a better world. We are the world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of arc welding products, automated joining, assembly and cutting systems, as well as plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. We are also positioned as a global leader in brazing and soldering alloys.

We are recognized as The Welding Experts® for our leading materials science, software development, automation engineering, and application expertise, which advance customers’ fabrication capabilities. We leverage these strengths, our global presence, and a broad distribution network to serve customers across end markets including:

... General metal
... Energy projects, including renewable
infrastructure like wind turbines
... Structural steel construction and
infrastructure (commercial buildings
and bridges)
... Heavy industries, like agriculture,
mining, construction, rail equipment,
and shipbuilding
... Automotive and

Our Values

Our guiding principle is The Golden Rule – Treat others how you would like to be treated. This core principle shapes our culture, defines our actions, and is reinforced by our core values: