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We invest in our people to ensure a strong succession pipeline and ample development opportunities to advance skills, knowledge and expertise to prepare our employees for bigger career opportunities ahead. Our programs include formal leadership, management and professional development programs, tuition reimbursement for external accredited programs, mentoring, self-guided online courses, instructor-led programs, and special project and rotational assignments that can lead to extensive global exposure. Programs include:

High School Programs: We partner with select high schools to offer experiential training in a manufacturing environment to supplement traditional classroom learning. To help recruit future Lincoln Electric employees in manufacturing, we participate in career fairs at numerous high schools and career centers to highlight the various career paths at Lincoln Electric and offer post-secondary tuition reimbursement and skilled trade apprenticeships if students join Lincoln Electric post-graduation.

Skilled Trade Apprenticeships: We are committed to developing, growing, and retaining a diverse and skilled workforce through apprenticeships. Lincoln Electric apprenticeship programs combine on-the-job learning with related instruction in technical areas, such as Industrial Maintenance, Machining, Welding, and Tool & Die, to produce qualified, highly productive employees for careers requiring precision skills. Apprenticeship training ensures workers have the knowledge and competencies companies need for today and tomorrow.

Internship and Co-op Programs: We launched an intern and co-op program in 2013 to provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to gain real world experience while investing in their education. The program offers opportunities for multiple rotations in various departments and provides exposure to our world class Weld School, professional development, educational seminars, as well as networking opportunities with executives, managers and other young professionals. When students return to school, we encourage former interns to serve as Student Ambassadors on campus and engage future interns through a formalized engagement program. Our 2018 summer intern program hosted 50 students, who were 48% diverse (women and minority groups) and represented 24 universities from across 11 U.S. states. Our program has nearly doubled in five years and was recently recognized as a “top 100 U.S. internship program,” as well as a “top five Northeast Ohio” program.

Engineering & Technical Sales Trainee Development Program: Lincoln Electric has a longstanding tradition of developing talent through our Engineering and Technical Sales Programs. We partner with colleges and universities to identify the talent needed to create a pipeline for long-term, diverse talents necessary for the Company to succeed. Our training and development programs offer students and recent graduates the opportunity to learn and grow professionally while actively contributing to the success of the Company. Many of our former Development Program graduates have gone on to be CEO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents and esteemed subject matter experts in their fields. Our 2018 class included 48 trainees, 44% of whom are diverse (women and minority groups), and are graduates from 24 universities across 12 U.S. states.

Junior Board: For over 75 years, Lincoln Electric has nominated rising young professionals to serve a three-year term on our Junior Board. Junior Board members engage with senior management on special projects and initiatives that address business challenges and that can drive continuous improvement and excellence in the organization.

"In the final analysis, all people on earth are on one team. What helps others will also help us." —JF Lincoln, Founder

Operational Excellence

People Learning

We offer online lean training, including value stream mapping, Kaizen events, and 5S to standardize continuous improvement across our global business.

Global Leadership and Management Development Programs:

We offer a global two-year Leadership Development program to support professional development of rising leaders in the organization and succession planning in the organization. The program targets 25 employees for each two-year session and offers participants varied learning experiences that help build a strong network through project work, global site visits and collaboration through structured coursework.

In 2018, we launched a 10-month program to enhance managerial skills through courses in talent management, employee engagement fundamentals, communications, negotiations, financial management, and project management.

Professional Training: We have also engaged a learning platform to develop and deploy training programs across various professional areas to drive organizational learning and development globally. Courses cover topics such as:

  • Negotiation training for sales;
  • Marketing and strategy education for business leaders;
  • Environmental, Health and Safety module to enhance soft skills development;
  • Finance development to strengthen finance’s partnership with our businesses; and
  • Supply chain development to promote standardized practices in our operations.
Six Sigma

To reinforce "quality" as a core value and operational excellence, we have invested in six sigma training for over 3,000 employees who have trained in either Black, Red, or Grey Belt programs.

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