Environment, Health,
Safety & Quality

At Lincoln Electric, we are committed to operational excellence and the continuous improvement of the health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbors, as well as preserving the integrity of our environment. This commitment is supported by senior management, global EHS&Q systems, and is considered the individual and collective responsibility of all Lincoln Electric employees.

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EH&S Directive & Framework

We ensure compliance and the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our products and operations through our global EHS&Q systems. Our systems are guided by the Corporate EHS&Q Policy, global directives and corporate standards that establish consistent guidelines for the management, measurement and reporting of environmental, health and safety activities, as well as quality across Lincoln Electric's global platform.

It's not just how we operate

Our products support our customers' sustainable operations as well through

  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced waste
  • Regulatory compliance
Environmental Management System

We manage our climate-related risk through the regular assessment and measurement of our environmental impact and through investments that mitigate our impact. Lincoln Electric utilizes the ISO 14001 framework as an environmental management system to identify, implement and measure improvements in resource efficiency, waste reduction and resulting cost savings.

  • In 2018, 75% of qualified facilities were ISO 14001 certified and 23% were ISO 45001 certified.
  • Our goal is to achieve 100% ISO 14001 certification by 2020.

In addition, certain facilities are in the early stages of adopting the ISO 50001 standard as an energy management system to reduce energy use and costs, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Lincoln Electric Canada was first in our industry to be certified to this standard in 2013.


Local EH&S initiatives address each facility's continuous improvement opportunities and support consolidated EH&S goals. A corporate EH&S organization provides oversight and global coordination of best practices, ISO implementation support, and assessment of facility compliance with regional regulatory standards, EH&S Global Directives and Corporate policies. This team reports to the General Counsel and provides quarterly reporting to the executive management team. Results are further audited and reported to the Board of Directors as part of Lincoln Electric's enterprise risk management review of operational risk to ensure the highest level of focus by the organization.

Awards & Recognition

Recognizing achievements and rewarding best practices reinforces our culture of continuous improvement. Awards are given for a variety of EH&S' related achievements, including sustainability, safety, and attaining one million hours without a safety incident (DART case). In addition, the "Chairman's Award for EH&S Excellence" distinguishes facilities who exemplify best-in-class EH&S performance using criteria that include ISO 14001 certification, a safety DART and TRC rate below the Company average, and who exemplify a culture of EH&S continuous improvement as a core operating value.

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