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Diversity at Lincoln Electric extends beyond respecting and valuing the important differences between us in the workplace. We Achieve Our Best Results by Openly Embracing Diversity of Skills, Thoughts and the Outcomes They Deliver Through Inclusion and Engagement. Every employee in our organization is encouraged and motivated to bring their unique perspectives and talents to the table. It is how we develop a diverse talent pipeline and attract top recruits to our Company to successfully drive our global strategy. With manufacturing operations in 8 U.S. states, in 20 countries spanning 6 continents, as well as customers in over 165 countries—it is essential that we understand and respect the customs and business practices of one another to achieve success together.

At Lincoln Electric, we have a longstanding commitment to equal opportunity in all aspects of employment—including employee compensation, job placement and promotion regardless of gender, race or other personal characteristics. We review and update our HR processes and benchmark roles and compensation externally on a regular basis to help prevent bias and promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We are well on our journey to enhancing a more diverse and inclusive workplace: an environment where differences are valued and integrated into every part of our organization and where each individual's unique contribution is encouraged. Our leadership team is committed to leading diversity and inclusion and our Chief Executive Office and Chief Human Resources Officer report on the Company's diversity and inclusion programs, talent attraction and retention, and succession planning to the Board of Directors twice annually.

Our diversity and inclusion programs focus on:

  • Internal diversity and inclusion education and training programs to better appreciate our differences and the value that inclusiveness creates an environment of mutual respect—which reinforces our guiding principle of The Golden Rule;
  • Employee development programs to promote talent from within;
  • Internal campaigns to emphasize the benefits of an inclusive environment;
  • Partnering with diverse customers and suppliers to understand their expectations and collaborate effectively; and
  • Enhancing our recruiting efforts to increase diversity.

Our U.S. organization actively promotes diversity and inclusion through:

  • Employee resource groups such as our “Diversity Councils,” “Young Professionals,” “Veterans,” and “Women in Lincoln Leadership”
  • Our resource groups also volunteer their time and support nonprofit organizations who positively impact diversity and inclusion in our communities such as The Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center and The Diversity Center
  • Free Spanish and sign language classes for employees to help them better engage with their colleagues and community

Our Diversity Profile

Board of Directors
(Percent of Independent Directors)

30% Diverse

Company Officers and Executive Management

27% Diverse

Gender Mix of Our Global Workforce

20% Women

80% Men

Geographic Mix of Our Global Workforce

Geographic Mix of Our Global Workforce

46% U.S. & Canada

29% Europe

12% Latin America

12% Asia Pacific

<1% Middle East/Africa

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